State-wide Art Contest for Kids Grades k-5

I would like to introduce you to a state-wide art contest for kids grades k-5. I am reaching out to invite kids who are taught at home to participate. This is for any child in MI grades K-5. Although it is called the My Green School Art Contest, we recognize that their home is their school, and thereby would love for them to participate!

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you think you may participate. And, Also if you want to pass this on to parents who home school their children, that would be appreciated.

Connie Lilley
Green Advantage Environmental Commercial Certified
MI Green Team
City of Detroit, Green Task Force – Youth Committee
USGBC, Detroit Regional Chapter- Green Schools Committee
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

4400 Glenmeade Lane
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
248-830-0476 cell
248-932-5150 office
248-932-5205 fax

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